Sun Dry Apparels Ltd.

work environment & Capacity

Factory area(Proposed)

  • Total Floor Space : 27,500 sft
  • Total Production Line : 04 Lines
  • Machine Per Line : 60 Sets
  • Total Machine : 290 sets
  • Total Man Power : 650 Persons

Production Capacity:

  • 2-3 Million Pcs Woven Bottom, Jacket & Skirt per annum.
  • Annual Turnover 15-16 Million (in USD)

Commitment to Work Environment

We have a deep interest in our employee’s motivation and interest for quality work for the company. We arrange annual cultural and sports functions and picnic as a part of motivation and interest of employees.
The management is committed to good Working Environment. To us it not only to having a good hygienic and safe working place, but also strictly following the stipulated labour and employment regulations of the country for all our employees. We make no distinction on the basis of gender, religion, and ethnic origin. We maintain fair wage policy and commit to the overall welfare of all our employees. Which proper medical, child care and cultural facility

Adopted Policy for Work Environment

Working hours do not exceed 60 hrs. Per week including overtime and it is strictly voluntary. There will be a day off in a week.
On wages and benefits: we pay standard salary structure as per stated by government law. Which includes workers 40% of basic salary for housing; Medical expenses; and Attendance bonus. The wages of trainees are in accordance with applicable law. Any deductions from the wages shall be strictly in accordance with the law. Law mandates our overtime wages and is double of ordinary rate of wages.
Leaves and Holidays: The facility provides paid Annual leave, Holidays and other leaves, such as, Maternity Leave and Medical Leaves as prescribed by law. We pay bonuses on both End holidays
Health and Hygiene: The facility is stocked with First-Aid boxes and kits, and has a professional certified doctor and a nurse. We have procedures to facilitate and transport ambulance to deal with serious injuries to acquire treatment in a hospital. We provide pure drinking water tested for purity and has adequate access to it throughout the day. The workplace has sufficient number of clean toilets, separated by sex for all workers and staff with running water. We facilitate clean, comfortable dining space for male and female workers.
Child Care: In our day care center we provide clean and safe child care room with trained aid who keeps all record of attendees, illnesses and injuries. Nursing mothers receives reasonable breaks to feed their infants in our in-house Day Care room.
Fire & Safety: The factory Complies with local regulations relating to fire & safety. Protections are provided from fire, accidents, toxic materials, machinery and electrical risks. Firefighting equipment’s, such as- fire extinguisher, hosereels, smoke alarms and electronic fire alarms are assembled. Firefighting teams are trained by certified local fire department. Workers are provided with Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPE'S) free of cost!
Environmental Protection: Factory complies with local regulations relating to the health and safety of the workers in the workplace to ensure adequate lighting, ventilation, heat and cooling, the facility stores all chemicals and hazardous materials in a separate secure ventilated area.
Disciplinary actions are taken in accordance with the law. We treat all workers with respect and dignity. No workers are subject to any physical, psychological, verbal abuse, harassment. Child Care: